Hungary Residence Permit & Golden Visa

How to get Hungarian residency to live in Europe, relax at thermal resorts, and visit more than 35 countries without visas

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Options to obtain Hungary residency

Investors can get a residence permit in Hungary under the Golden Visa Program.

Foreigners with a stable income from sources outside of Hungary can also become Hungarian residents as financially independent persons.

Both investors and financially independent persons may include a spouse and children under 18 in their application. Yet, the Hungary Golden Visa has more advantages than the option for financially independent individuals regarding validity period and residence requirements.

A permanent residence permit in Hungary cannot be obtained directly through investment: the government program was closed in 2017. The application for permanent residence can be submitted after three years of living in Hungary with a temporary residence permit.

Differences between Hungarian residency types

Validity period. Hungary Golden Visa is issued for up to 10 years with the possibility of renewal. Financially independent persons get their residency cards with a validity of 1 to 5 years.

Real estate requirements.To obtain a residence permit for financially independent persons, one must have a registered address in the country. Applicants rent or buy real estate with a living area of at least 6 m² for each family member. There are no requirements for the cost or location of housing.

To get a Hungary Golden Visa, one can purchase real estate worth €500,000 or more. No requirements apply to location or footage.

Financial solvency requirements. Applicants for a residence permit for financially independent persons must confirm a stable foreign income or savings of €10,000 per person in the application. The cost of obtaining status for a family of four will be from €40,000 for a financially independent foreigner.

Investors must confirm the availability of money for investment and the legal sources. When family members are included in the application, the basic investment amount does not increase.

Residence requirements. Investors are not required to live in Hungary and may enter and leave the country at any time. However, financially independent persons must relocate to Hungary after obtaining residence and cannot leave the country for more than three months at a time to maintain their status.

Practical guide on the Hungary Golden Visa

  • Step-by-step procedure
  • Requirements for applicants
  • Required documents
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
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7 benefits of Hungarian Residence & Golden Visa

Immigration to Hungary

Residents can live in Hungary for the entire duration of the residence permit. They can also enter the country anytime, even if the borders are closed to foreigners.

Visa-free travelling

Residents of Hungary travel to the countries of the European Union and the Schengen area without visas and can stay there for up to 90 days out of 180.

Foreigners with a Hungary residence permit do not need a visa to visit Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey and several other European countries.

Opportunity to obtain permanent residence and a passport

Residence permit holders can apply for permanent residence after three years of living in Hungary, and after another eight years, they can apply for citizenship.

A Hungarian passport allows you to visit 171 countries visa-free, including the USA, Great Britain, Japan, and Singapore.

Access to good quality medicine

Medicine in Hungary meets EU standards, and medical service prices in the country are lower than those in Germany or Scandinavian countries.

Residents of Hungary can access services at both public and private clinics and are eligible to receive a European Health Insurance Card. This card enables them to receive medical treatment in European countries either free of charge or at a reduced cost.

Hungary is a popular destination for medical tourism, particularly known for its thermal springs, of which there are over a thousand across the country.

European education

According to QS Top Universities, seven Hungarian universities rank among the top 1000 best universities worldwide. These include universities located in Budapest, Szeged, and Debrecen. These universities offer programs in English, French, German, and Hungarian.

Higher education in Hungary adheres to the Bologna system, ensuring that diplomas from Hungarian universities are recognized in other countries.

Low cost of living

The average living cost in Hungary, excluding rent, is €600 per person per month. Consequently, a family of four would need an average of about €2,000 per month.

Living costs in Hungary are 1.5 times lower than those in Germany or Sweden.

Attractive tax system

In Hungary, the income tax rate is 15%. In comparison, it can reach up to 47.5% in Germany and 55% in France.

Hungary residency requirements

Foreigners over 18 can obtain resident status in Hungary, provided they have no criminal record or severe illness.

To obtain a Hungary Golden Visa, the applicant is initially issued an Investor Visitor Visa for up to 2 years. It gives the right to enter Hungary to apply for a residence permit by investment. With an Investor Visitor Visa, you can live in Hungary and enter and leave the country multiple times. 

Document requirements for applicants for an Investor Visitor Visa:

  1. The applicant's entry and stay in Hungary is in the national economic interest: the applicant intends to invest, as confirmed in writing in the application.
  2. Valid passport.
  3. Insurance for the full range of medical services.
  4. Evidence of the legal origin of money for investment.
  5. Proof of having money to live in Hungary. 

The residence permit is issued for 10 years with the possibility of an extension for the same period. To maintain a residence permit, the investor is required to keep the investment.

Obtaining a residence permit for financially independent persons takes two months. The resident status is issued for up to five years to the main applicants and up to three years to members of their families.

To maintain their status, applicants must:

  • stay in the country for at least 183 days a year;
  • do not leave Hungary for over 3 months at a time;
  • have a permanent registered address in Hungary;
  • own real estate with a living area of at least 6 m² per person;
  • live on income earned outside the country.

A residence permit in Hungary can be extended if you do not violate the period of stay in the country, re-confirm your financial solvency and pay for health insurance. The validity of the residence permit can be extended for another five years.

Hungary Golden Visa

The Hungarian Golden Visa Program offers 3 investment options:

  1. Purchase of investment fund units for €250,000. The certificates must be approved by the Central Bank of Hungary and issued by the Hungarian Real Estate Fund.
  2. Purchase of residential real estate worth €500,000.
  3. A financial donation of €1,000,000 to a higher education institution member of the Foundation for the Management of Assets in the Public Interest. The purpose of the donation is to support education, scientific research or artistic creation.
€250,000+ Minimum investment
6+ months Obtaining period
All about Hungary Golden Visa

Hungary residence for financially independent persons

Foreigners can obtain a residence permit for financially independent persons if they have a stable income outside of Hungary: 

  • salary in a foreign company;
  • rental income;
  • dividends, interest or royalties;
  • pension.

Savings in foreign banks are also taken into account as income.

The main applicant demonstrates income of at least €10,000 for themselves and the same amount for each family member. The applicant must also buy or rent housing in Hungary.

€10,000 Minimum income
2+ months Obtaining period
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Hungary permanent residence and citizenship requirements

A residence permit in Hungary allows foreigners to obtain a permanent residence permit and citizenship in the future.

To obtain permanent residence in Hungary, you must live there for at least three years as a resident. To do this, you will also need to confirm your place of residence in Hungary, the availability of health insurance and a sufficient level of income or savings.

The application for permanent residence is submitted online on the Enter Hungary website. A personal visit to the migration service office will only be required to submit biometrics. To obtain an ID card, there is a fee of €54.

Hungary PR is issued for life, but ID cards must be renewed every five years.

Hungarian citizenship is usually obtained by naturalisation. A foreigner with a permanent residence permit must live continuously in the country for eight years. Applicants can travel from Hungary but spend no more than 45 days a year outside of Hungary.

Foreigners must pass an exam on their knowledge of Hungarian culture and the Constitution. Applicants over 65, graduates of Hungarian universities and language courses, and people with disabilities or health problems are exempt from the exam.

Hungary allows dual citizenship. It means you don’t need to give up other passports unless your country of first citizenship requires it.

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Why can you trust Immigrant Invest?

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of citizenship and residence permit investment programs. We have been working since 2006, and during this time, we have helped more than 5,000 families obtain citizenship and residence permits in the Caribbean countries and the EU.

Our offices are located in seven countries: Hungary, Austria, Turkey, Portugal, Grenada, Malta, and Cyprus.

Immigrant Invest helps investors at every stage of obtaining status: analyses the situation of each investor, offers a suitable program, and helps select real estate. Lawyers accompany clients during the collection and submission of documents.

Thanks to an individual approach to each case, 99% of our clients' applications are approved — the highest percentage in the industry.

How can Immigrant Invest help with buying property in Hungary?

Real estate experts from Immigrant Invest help investors choose a suitable property at their request, organise a viewing, and check the seller's reliability and the transaction's purity.

Lawyers obtain permission to purchase real estate, help conclude a purchase and sale agreement, get a passport of the property owner from the land committee and redirect it to the Hungarian Immigration Service to confirm compliance with the conditions of the residence permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreigner buy a house in Hungary?

Yes, foreigners can buy property in Hungary. Purchase of residential real estate worth €500,000 leads to obtaining a residence permit in Hungary for up to 10 years.

Is there a Golden Visa in Hungary?

There is a Golden Visa Program in Hungary, operating from 2024. The special bill creates a new visa category called "guest-investor visa" for visitors to Hungary who are involved in initiatives that the government has designated as "strategically important investments."

How to get a Hungarian residency?

Getting Hungarian residency is possible in two ways

  1. Under the Golden Visa Program for investors.
  2. As financially independent persons with a stable income from sources outside of Hungary.
What are the benefits of a Hungary RP?

Hungary resident permit offers several benefits:

  • the opportunity to live in Hungary during the entire validity period of the document;
  • visa-free travel within the Schengen countries;
  • access to free healthcare;
  • studying at European universities;
  • the prospect of obtaining permanent residence and Hungarian citizenship.
Is it difficult to immigrate to Hungary?

Immigrating to Hungary can be a complex and challenging process, and the difficulty of the immigration process can vary depending on several factors, including your nationality, the purpose of your immigration, and your circumstances.

Consulting with an Immigrant Invest expert can help ensure a smooth and successful process.

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