Hungary White Card for digital nomads

For living in the European Union and visa-free travelling within the Schengen Area

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€3,000+ Applicant’s monthly income
3+ months Residency obtaining period
Up to 2 years Residency validity period

A digital nomad is a foreigner who works remotely as an employee, freelancer or by managing their own business. The field of work is not important. The residency permit for digital nomads in Hungary is also known as the White Card.

The residency applicant must prove a minimum monthly income of €3,000 or more from sources outside Hungary and have at least €10,000 in a bank account.

The residency is issued for one year with the possibility to renew it once for the same period. After two years, the foreigner must leave Hungary but can reapply for residency.

The applicant’s relatives must obtain residency separately. A digital nomad’s residency does not grant residency rights to their family members.

5 Benefits of a Hungary White Card

Affordable cost of living

The cost of living in Hungary is 40—50% lower than in other European countries, such as Spain, Portugal and Germany.

Visa-free travel within the Schengen Area

The Hungary residence permit allows visa-free travel within the Schengen Area. Residents can stay there for up to 90 days out of every 180.

Travel from Budapest to Vienna takes three hours by car, and five hours to Prague, while flights to Rome, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, and London take 2—3 hours.

Low income tax rate

Hungary boasts one of the lowest income tax rates in the EU at 15%. In comparison, the rate is 48% in Portugal and 45% in Spain.

Digital nomads don’t pay income tax if they spend less than 183 days a year in the country.

Comfortable and safe living

Hungary merges the historical charm of “old Europe” with modern infrastructure and vibrant nightlife. The country is renowned for its thermal resorts, vineyards, and eco-tourism destinations including mountains, lakes, caves, and waterfalls.

According to the 2023 Global Peace Index, Hungary ranks 18th in the world for safety and peacefulness.

Access to European banks

The Hungarian residence permit facilitates the opening of accounts at European banks, which often deny non-residents this ability.

Practical guide on obtaining a Hungary White Card

  • Step-by-step procedure
  • Requirements for applicants
  • Conditions of obtaining Hungary residency for digital nomads
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
Download the guide

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Who can get a Hungarian Nomad Residence Visa?

Main applicant
  • Over 18
  • Non-EU and non-EEA citizen
  • With remote work and an income of at least €3,000 per month
  • Without a ban on entering Hungary

Costs and fees of a Digital Nomad Visa in Hungary

Digital nomads must rent accommodation in Hungary, purchase medical insurance, and pay fees for document preparation and submission.

1st option

Expense item Amount
12 months of accommodation rental €6,000+
Annual medical insurance €180+ 
Residence permit application fee €110
Notary and translation services €30+
Total €6,320+

Required documents to get a Hungary White Card

Personal documents:

  • Residence permit application form;
  • Foreign passport valid for at least one year;
  • Two 3.5 × 4.5 cm colour photographs.

Proof of employment and income:

  • for company employees — an employment contract stating the ability to work remotely;
  • for freelancers — a service contract stating the ability to work remotely, and an extract from the self-employment register;
  • for entrepreneurs — a founders’ resolution appointing the director and an extract from the legal entities register;
  • a six-month bank statement;
  • proof of at least €10,000 in a bank account, not sanctioned by the EU.

Proof of accommodation in Hungary:

  • a property rental agreement or proof of ownership;
  • medical insurance with coverage of at least €30,000.
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Individual cost calculation for a Hungary Digital Nomad Visa

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Step-by-step process of obtaining a Hungary residence permit for digital nomads

The process of obtaining residency in Hungary takes at least three months. Initially, the foreigner submits an application to the Hungarian consulate, then arrives in the country on a D visa, and finally receives the residency card.

1 day
Preliminary Check
1 day

Preliminary Check

Immigrant Invest checks the applicant’s information to reduce the chances of residency refusal. International legal and business databases are used for the check.

We do not share the check results with third parties or government agencies.

2+ weeks
Prepare documents
2+ weeks

Prepare documents

Immigrant Invest lawyers provide a list of required documents and assist with their translation, apostille, and certification.

Simultaneously with document preparation
Purchase or rent housing in Hungary
Simultaneously with document preparation

Purchase or rent housing in Hungary

The digital nomad rents or purchases residential property in Hungary. The minimum rental period is 12 months. When signing the contract, the tenant pays a deposit equal to one month’s rent. The landlord returns the deposit after the lease ends.

3+ weeks
Submit an application for residency
3+ weeks

Submit an application for residency

Immigrant Invest lawyers help complete and submit the White Card application. The application is filed at the Hungarian consulate in the country of citizenship or permanent residence.

Up to 3 months
Arrive in Hungary on a D visa
Up to 3 months

Arrive in Hungary on a D visa

After the application is approved, the consulate issues a D visa to obtain a residence permit. The visa is valid for three months. During this time, the foreigner arrives in Hungary and submits documents for the residency card within 30 days of entry.

3+ weeks
Get the White Card
3+ weeks

Get the White Card

In Hungary, the digital nomad provides biometrics in person at the National Directorate-General for Aliens. After 21 working days, the residency card is mailed to the residential address in Hungary or to the applicant’s legal representative.

How to extend a Hungary Digital Nomad Visa

The digital nomad residence permit is valid for one year and can be renewed for an additional year. The foreigner must submit the renewal application 30 days before the residency expires.

The application is filed with the National Directorate-General for Aliens. Immigrant Invest lawyers assist digital nomads in gathering the required documents and renewing their permits.

Conditions for residency renewal:

  • spend at least 90 days out of every 180 in Hungary;
  • provide a housing rental agreement in Hungary;
  • prove an income of €3,000 and savings of at least €10,000.

The renewal fee is paid in Hungarian forints and amounts to 23,000 HUF (€60).

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Reasons for a residence permit denial and cancellation

Reasons for residency denial:

  • false information in the application;
  • errors in the application;
  • violation of the Schengen Area visa regime;
  • legal issues in Schengen Area countries;
  • entry ban to Hungary.

In case of denial, the digital nomad can reapply for residency by addressing the remarks. An appeal can also be filed within eight days of the denial. The appeal fee is €160.

Reasons for residency cancellation:

  • the applicant receives income in Hungary by providing services to Hungarian citizens or companies;
  • the digital nomad spends more than 90 out of 180 days outside Hungary.

The foreigner cannot apply for a Hungarian residence permit on other grounds while the White Card is valid.

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How to obtain permanent residence and citizenship in Hungary after a Digital Nomad Visa?

The White Card does not allow digital nomads to obtain permanent residence or Hungary citizenship. After the two-year validity period, the foreigner must leave Hungary but can reapply for residency.

Becoming a permanent resident and then a citizen of Hungary is possible, for example, after obtaining a residence permit by investment.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Digital Nomad Visa for Hungary?

The White Card is a Hungary residence permit specifically designed for digital nomads. It is issued to remote employees of companies, self-employed individuals, and business owners. Applicants must prove a monthly income of at least €3,000 to qualify.

Who is eligible for the Hungarian White card?

The eligible applicant must be over 18 years old, hold citizenship from a country outside of the EU and EEA, have an income of at least €3,000 per month from remote work, and be entitled to enter Hungary legally without any bans imposed.

How to apply for a Hungary nomad visa?

The application process includes gathering required documents, purchasing or renting housing in Hungary, submitting the application for a residence permit, and obtaining the White Card after arriving in Hungary on a D visa.

Immigrant Invest lawyers assist with the entire process, from evaluating the applicant’s background through a preliminary check to preparing documents, choosing a property, and submitting the application.

What is the minimum salary for a digital nomad visa in Hungary?

The minimum salary for a digital nomad is at least €3,000 per month from remote work, or €36,000 annually.

Do digital nomads pay tax in Hungary?

Digital nomads don’t pay income tax if they spend less than 183 days a year in the country.

If a digital nomad spends more than half the year in Hungary, they are subject to an income tax of 15% — one of the lowest in the EU.

What are the benefits of the Hungary White Card?

The White Card allows digital nomads to live in Hungary, travel visa-free within the Schengen Area, and open accounts at European banks.

Can digital nomads move to Hungary?

Digital nomads can obtain a residence permit in Hungary for up to two years, but the White Card does not lead to permanent residency or Hungary citizenship. After the permit expires, the digital nomad must leave Hungary but can reapply for residency.

To get the digital nomad residence permit, the applicant must prove a monthly income of €3,000 and rent or purchase property in Hungary. The residency permits living in the country, visa-free travel within Schengen, and opening accounts at European banks.

Can I work remotely in Hungary?

Yes, you can work remotely in Hungary by obtaining a White Card, which requires the applicant to have earnings from a foreign source. However, a digital nomad cannot work for a Hungarian company — neither in person nor remotely.

Is Hungary good for digital nomads?

Hungary is favourable for digital nomads due to its low cost of living, visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, a low income tax rate, the country’s safety, and the possibility of opening a European bank account.

Is there a Hungary Digital Nomad Visa?

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